How To make Money online by uploading images

 hello friends,

In this post I have a fantastic website for you

wherein you can earn a lots of money you

just need to upload some images on this

website and then this website will pay

you a big amount of money the best part

of this website is you don't need to

invest anything you don't require any

special skill to work on this website

and anybody can also work on this

website it doesn't matter in which part

of the country you are in.

so let me show you the payment proof

first of all how much this website pay

you now here you can see that this is

the payment proof this website is paying

in every single minute see this this is

$1.15 $2.60 $1.60 $1.50 and 38$

You can also see in this image below

when the people are getting their

payouts and this is yesterday when the

people got their payout every single

minute the people are getting their

payout now let me show you how much

amount they will be paying you when you

upload any photos when this is the chart

on this website

that's tier one will get $7 tier two

gets $4 and tier 3 gets $4 and tier

forget $3 and in tier 1 the country's

comes in United State in Canada to here

to Australia

tier 3 Saudi Arabia and United Arab

Emirates and tier 4 in other countries

that means if anybody from United State

of America downloads your images from

this website then you will be getting $7

or a thousand photos and from Australia

you will be getting $4 in other

countries you will be getting $3 so this

is how this website pay you the amount

in your bank account and this is the

payment proof and in this video I'm

gonna tell you every single step how you

need to sign up and how you need to

upload the images and I will also let

you know if fantastic trick to get the

images online free of cost and upload

all of them to this website and you can

earn it by sitting at your home so

without wasting any time let's get

started here first of all what exactly


- do you have to click on this sign a

button and here you have to choose any

of the username and then password and

then you have to put your email address

and then you have to choose the payment

option in which payment option you would

like to take the payment like you can

take your payout in PayPal net teller

Skrill WebMoney any one of them which

you are comfortable in choose any one of

them and then you can click on sign up

and sign up with this website I am

already signed up so I'm going to click

on log in here and log in with this

website here we go this is my account

here now here you can click on this on

the top welcome one and click on this my

account so this is the dashboard which

you will be getting when you sign up

with this website and here you have to

click on these three lines which is on

the left side of the top and here you

have to select upload files now most

important thing is that do not upload

any of the poll of graphic photos or

images on this website otherwise your

account will be deactivated then to

upload the photo you have to click on

this choose file and then select any of

the photo from your computer and upload

it on this website now let me tell you a

trick how you can get so many of images

to upload on this website and earn money

online now first of all for that you

have to open a new tab and here you have

to search Google Images and there will

be the first option will be images

Google click on that here you can search

any of the topic let's suppose if I

search here good evening and I'll be

getting so many of images and which I

can download and upload on this website

but we cannot download every photo and

upload it on this website you can get

the copyright claim so we cannot upload

all the photos on this so what I need to

do I just need to click on this setting

and then go to the Advanced Search and

here I have to scroll it down and then

check here uses right and go to the

users right and here I have to click on

this and then I have to choose here free

to use or share even commercially click

on that and then click on advanced

search when you do that all these images

which you got now everything is free to

download and upload it anywhere you will

not get

a copyright claim as well anything you

can download it you can simply click on

that and then give you a right click to

it and then save this image on your

computer with the name of good evening

that's it and then you can come to this

website again and click on this choose

file and go to the place where you have

saved this photo this good evening this

one double click on that and then it

will automatically get upload on this

website see this it's getting upload so

this is how one by one you can upload

over the photos all the non-commercial

photos you can download those on your

computer and upload it on this website

once the people are coming on to this

website and download your photos from

this website you will be getting paid in

your account so this is how you can

start getting money in your account

every single day whenever anybody

download the images I will be putting

the link of this website in the

description you can check it from there

as well or if you have any questions

about it you can simply comment below

and we will get back to you thank you

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