How to make money by Captcha Typing | Make money by captcha solving


How To make money by captcha solving may be a website that permits you to simply earn extra cash on the web . Yes, it isn't pile and therefore the work may be a bit monotonous but you'll make certain that you simply will receive each cent you've earned and you'll not be scammed. may be a good start line for learning the way to earn money and make income from the web economy.

To start your online job on 2captcha you would like a computer with keyboard or a smartphone. Register an account on our website, then hit “Start work” at the highest . you'll pass a brief training which will guide you on captcha solving process and when training is complete you'll start to earn money solving captchas.

To work on this site you need a computer in which you will create an account in the CAPTCHA site and then you will do five to ten minutes of training then your earnings will start now you You can earn one dollar for typing 1000 captcha.

Payment Method

Bitcoin Wallet 


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