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 I hope you are all well my dear friends the topic I am going to talk about today is YouTube Alternative For Making Money Online.

As we know YouTube is a social network for making money on which we can make money by uploading videos but there are some conditions like we have to watch our time and fulfill and We need a thousand subscribers.

But the website I am going to share with you today is very different from this. It is also a social network on which we can share videos but here we will upload YouTube videos through link. We don't need subscribers on it and we are just about crypto currencies. We can upload videos and our earning on it will suit us according to likes on the video. When we upload any of our videos to it, we start earning it.

So first we will look at how to create an account on the Token Tuber website.

I am giving the link of the website below. You have to click on this link and open it.

Token Tuber Website

As soon as you open this link, you will see something like this interface, As you can see in the screenshot below.

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To the right of the screenshot above you will see the login option, When you click on it, an interface will open in front of you as shown in the screenshot below.

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And you guys will click on register, So you have to register by entering your email address, password and necessary information. So you will receive a confirmation email on your email, You will open Mail and confirm your account.

Once confirmed, you will be logged in

Once logged in, you can upload the video and start earning.

I will tell you how to make money on Token Tube website

You can read the necessary instructions from Token Tuber below

Video Creator: Video creators of original videos will receive 1/3 of the video value rewarded on a day to day . The video value is calculated supported number of upvotes. The video creator must first successfully claim a video to earn its rewards. If you claim a video that already features a TUBER value, you'll immediately claim 1/3 of that value.

Upvote: you'll be rewarded with TUBER at the top of the day if you upvote a video. the sooner you upvote, the more TUBER you'll be rewarded. Viral videos with more upvotes disburse more rewards. The reward system is meant to encourage you to upvote early good videos which will potentially go viral. The daily limit for upvotes/downvotes is 5 per day. For details of the upvote reward calculation, please ask whitepaper Appendix 1.

Share: Every video you share or friend that you simply invite, we'll assign you a singular invitation link to trace your invite. for each active friend you invite to TokenTuber, you'll receive 50% of his/her Behavior Rewards for 30 consecutive days. this suggests the more contributions your friends make to TokenTuber, the more rewards you'll earn. Please note that airdrop isn't considered as a Behavior Reward.

All rewards are distributed once every 24 hours.

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