What Is D.tube? How We can Earn On D.tube

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralization are a couple of buzzwords of 2018. albeit you're not an expert to speak about these topics, likelihood is that that you simply may need heard about these words atleaset once within the previous couple of days. thanks to the Facebook data breach and Youtube demonetization issues, lots and much of DApps (decentralized apps) are being developed on the blockchain based mainnets. the most important social media app is Steemit, which has gone viral during a few months. On the opposite hand, there's an alternate or a blockchain based Youtube too, called DTube which again has been gaining popularity with the passage of each single day. So let’s mention what's D-Tube and why it's needed.

What Is D.Tube?

In simple words, I can say that DTube (decentralized tube) is essentially a Youtube running on blockchain based main net. it's a bit like Steemit where anybody can earn rewards by posting content, engaging with other content creators and actively using the dapp. If you've got used Reddit before you'll know it very easily. So, when people create and upload videos, unlike Youtube, here viewers can watch, comment and also VOTE for his or her favorite videos. If a video is getting too many upvotes, it'll get more and extra money within the sort of Tokens called Steem.

How we can earn on D.Tube?

 When we post any video on D-Tube.  As our earning on YouTube is based on views, the more views there are, the more earnings there will be. And D.Tube is the exact opposite, we can earned on D.Tube based on the likes of our videos. Everyone has the voting power on dtube, which is called VP, Everyone can cast their vote with percentage of their voting power The higher the percentage, the higher the earnings.

How Much Users Can Earn?

DTube is developed on the STEEM blockchain and operates during a similar way, a bit like Reddit, as far as posts, upvotes and comments are concerned. a bit like Steemit, not only the content creators but everyone participating actively (watching, commenting, giving thumbs up, thumbs down), literally, anyone can make money. Yet there are a couple of things which differ DTube from both Youtube and Steemit.

Pros compared to Youtube Monetization

Youtube pays you for the amount of views you've got , higher the amount and subscribers, higher the cash are going to be (after meeting their monetization policies). But on Dtube, people upvote your videos and you get steem dollar and steem power supported how popular your videos are.You can easily get a couple of bucks to 100 bucks overnight — counting on who upvoted your video.

Let us assume a beginner upvotes your video, then the vote will get you around 0,001$. If you get an upvote from a whale (or any block producer with tons of steem power and high reputation) a vote are often worth several dollars.

Cons compared to Youtube Monetization

But one drawback compared to Youtube is that on Youtube you'll keep it up making money untill your video is there and keeps getting traffic. But on Dtube, videos stop being monetized after 7 days. When the seventh day has passed, you'll never ever get a penny off your videos.

website -------   https://d.tube/

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