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As we all know that everyone's want to making money online but we don't find any real thing on which we can make money. So we visit a lot of websites on a daily basis and do research to find a reliable and genuine website or a platform on which we can make money. There are many scam websites and platforms running in the world of internet which are cheating which we have to be careful of every moment.

Sometimes it happens that some of us work a lot on fraudulent websites or platforms and later they don't get anything from there until the website shuts down. If you want to make money online then you have to read this full post of mine I am going to give very important instructions and at the same time I'll tell you guys, About some such websites or platforms, You also work on the ones you open on a daily basis and talk to your friends on these websites.

We will read about some of the websites in this post.

Below are the names of these websites or platforms,






Everybody knows these 4 social networks but no one knows how to make money from them. If anyone knows, they are very few. We will now discuss these five networks step by step in detail.

(1) YouTube

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What is YouTube?

As we all know YouTube

YouTube is an American social media site, On which online videos are shared. More than two billion people log on to YouTube every month about 70% of YouTube logins are on mobile. YouTube allows users to upload videos and view and comment and like videos. Google says that on an annualized basis last year YouTube's revenue was 15 billion dollars. As of 2020, there are quite 37 million YouTube channels out there. the amount of channels is growing strong, last year it grew quite 23%. People all round the world are creating a YouTube channel, and uploading 500 hours of video every minute.
YouTube headquartered in California.

How YouTube Works?

YouTube provides an easy way for people to store videos online and share them with others. Beside every video on YouTube may be a list of 'suggested videos' videos that YouTube's program calculates are likely to interest people that watch the video you're watching.

How To Make Money On YouTube?

| YouTube Monetization |
There are different ways to make money on YouTube and the best and first way is to create a YouTube channel and upload videos to it, And work hard on the YouTube channel to get it monetized.
When your YouTube channel is monetized, you will start earning money. All you have to do is upload the video and share it with your friends. There will be income base on video views.

Monetizing a YouTube channel is not so difficult if our topic on which we are making videos is a very trending and most searched topic, So soon our YouTube channel will get rank. And our channel will start earning.

What causes our YouTube channel to be monetized?

We need two things to monetize our YouTube channel, First of all, our channel must have a thousand subscribers. And second, our YouTube channel has completed 4,000 Watch hours.

When both of these things are done, our YouTube channel will be able to make money.

(Reasons why our YouTube channel will not be monetized)

I am going to give four reasons. If your channel has these four reasons, your channel will never be monetized.

1- Copyright Content

2- Abuse Content

3- Repeated Content

4- Community Guideline

I have written a detailed article about these four reasons, the link of which I am giving below. You can read it here.

Why isn't my YouTube Channel Monetized?

How To Make Money On YouTube With Affiliate Program? |

If you have ever made video content before, you'll want to think about becoming a YouTube Affiliate. Now quite ever, YouTube content creators are making thousands of dollars from their videos, with the foremost successful ones doing it as a full-time job.

YouTube Affiliate marketing has been around for years, making it one among the foremost lucrative YouTube revenue streams for popular videos.

what's things which you need to start YouTube affiliate program?

(A)  A YouTube Account. It's liberal to check in and takes but 5 minutes to urge going. once you check in , you get access to the Creator Studio section, which allows you to upload videos, write descriptions, upload thumbnails etc. this is often where you'll spend tons of your time analysing your video content, seeing what works and what doesn't.

(B)  An Amazon Associates account. this is often your affiliate network which will offer you the products to market on your videos. Anyone is allowed to check in , but there's a review process. i used to be approved soon , but it can take a few of days sometimes. you almost certainly don't got to worry about this just yet; with none video content, you've got nowhere to put adverts on. If you do not want to use Amazon, inspect these other affiliate networks too.

2) Facebook

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Facebook is a social networking site that helps you stay connected with your friends and family members, Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. And soon Facebook gained popularity all over the world and now in just a few years Facebook is more popular than all the social networks.  Headquartered of Facebook is in California, USA

And now Facebook is being used by every child, every young man ,woman everyone. Facebook has gained a lot of popularity. The same Facebook owner is also making a lot of money from Facebook. Facebook's annual revenue ranges from  55 billion dollars to  70 billion dollars. While Facebook allows us to stay connected with our friends and relatives, Facebook also gives us a way to make money. I will write about how to make money from Facebook in detail in the same post below.

What's Purpose of Facebook?
 Facebook's official statement is that the purpose of creating Facebook was to connect the whole world. And people know what's going on in the world.

How Facebook works
Facebook may be a website which allows users, who sign-up for free of charge profiles, to attach with friends, work colleagues or people they do not know, online. It allows users to share pictures, music, videos, and articles, also as their own thoughts and opinions with however many of us they like.

How We Can Earn On Facebook?

There are many ways to make money on Facebook, some of which I will share with you. The first way is to make money by selling your own products on Facebook

Sell Your Own Products On Facebook

When you create a new account on Facebook, you make a lot of friends on it, both from your country and from outside your country. And when you see that you have so many friends that your product can be sold, so you can start working on your profile. So now we can learn how to sell the products.

For example, if you have to sell a t-shirt, all you have to do is make good pictures on both sides of your t-shirt. After making the pictures, we will make a post on Facebook in which We will write all the details about T-shirt, For example, we will write that our shirt is in cotton, it has different sizes. For example, we will write that our shirt is in cotton, it has different sizes. You can also sell your product by texting your friends and you can also sell it by visiting Facebook groups and pages within comments etc. And you can also sell on Facebook's Local Sale and Buy pages.

also you can read more from the link below

earn by selling products on facebook

Another way to make money on Facebook is to create a Facebook page

Earn Money By Facebook Page

When you create a Facebook page, you need to increase its followers, You need at least ten to make money from Facebook page. And you have to work hard to increase followers. For example, put good posts and put videos etc. on a good topic. Gradually, when people start to like and view on your posts and videos, they start liking your page. And when you have 10,000 followers on your Facebook page and 40,000 minutes of watch time on your videos, your channel is able to monetize. You can then monetize your Facebook page by requesting Facebook.

For example, even if you don't monetize your Facebook page, you can still make money on your Facebook page by selling your product as I mentioned above. In addition you can earn money from your website by generating traffic to your website through Facebook page.

3) Twitter

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As we all know Twitter is also a social networking site on which we can do microblogging. We can post a maximum of 140 words on it we say tweet. We can follow people on it and people can follow us and we can see the tweet of the person we followed on our timeline. The main purpose of Twitter is to let people share their thoughts with other people. The CEO of twitter Is Jack Dorsey. And Twitter  headquartered in  California in the United States.

Where we share our thoughts with others on Twitter, we can make money on Twitter and there are different ways to make money. To make money on Twitter, we need to create a beautiful and branded profile, And there should be content on our profile, that is, tweets that people can view and like as much as possible.

So let's learn how to make money on Twitter

1) Use Sponsored Tweets

Want to form money only for sending out a tweet? you'll do this with sponsored tweets.

When you have a solid presence on Twitter with an outsized following of engaged fans, other companies will actually pay you to tweet about their products, services, or brand.

If you’re really popular on Twitter, you'll simply reach bent brands you're keen on and share the advantages of promoting their product to your audience with a paid tweet.

Alternatively, there are variety of online platforms which will assist you connect with companies looking to buy tweets.

2) PaidPerTweet

PaidPerTweet lets companies access many top Twitter users, both standard and celebrity users. Prices range from $1 to $10,000 counting on the influencer.

As you'll see, if you’re a private with a well-liked Twitter account, you'll make money tweeting. But also, companies can buy sponsored tweets from influencers to market their business to an entire new audience of individuals that want to shop for from you.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

The rest of the detailed discussion on the subject of Twitter I have done in my second post which I am giving the link below.

4) Instagram

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Instagram is a completely visual platform. Unlike Facebook, which relies on both text and pictures, or Twitter, which relies on text alone, Instagram's sole purpose is to enable users to share images or videos with their audience. On Facebook, you would possibly prefer to post many photos in an album.

Instagram is owned by Facebook.

This is because of Instagram's expanded compatibility and improved versatility with mobile phones. Basically, being a mobile-ready, user-friendly and image-centered app makes Instagram a well-liked app and social network that has the potential to realize bigger things within the coming years.

Where we can post our own photos on Instagram we can also make money on them so let's learn how to make money on Instagram.

There are many ways to make money on Instagram, just a few.

1- Become an influencer

2- Become a Brand Ambassador

3- Showcase Your Freelance Services

4- Sell Your Social Media Expertise

5- Teach Others About Instagram Marketing

Become an influencer

Social media influencers are people that recommend products or services on their personal profiles in exchange for compensation. Because its format emphasizes images, Instagram is a perfect place to grow an influencer business around B2C products. Basically, any product that creates for an honest image will had best on Instagram. the most important categories tend to be:





Moreover, people are incredibly receptive to influencer marketing. If you've got a large following and therefore the ability to require compelling images, you'll land valuable partnerships with brands.

As an Instagram influencer, you've got two main options for featuring brands in your posts: affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

With affiliate marketing, you receive a commission for each purchase someone makes. In other words, you get a touch piece of each sale that funnels through your Instagram post or profile. this will work rather well if a product matches your audience perfectly.

Sponsored posts are different. you sometimes receive a flat fee for mentioning a product during a post. for instance , you would possibly get $100 to make a post during which you bake employing a sponsored ingredient. the foremost effective influencers skills to try to to this during a way that appears and feels organic instead of forced.

Do sponsored posts for the bulk of your promotion, you’ll make extra money on the average than an affiliate deal. Only do affiliates on the few key products that your audience loves.

Become a Brand Ambassador

If you discover success as an influencer, you would possibly have an opportunity to become a brand ambassador. This happens when a corporation wants to possess an ongoing partnership with you and to make a particular number of posts over a period of your time and perhaps even indefinitely.

If this sounds great, you would possibly be wondering how on earth you'll land this sort of deal.

The reality is that you simply probably need an outsized following to become a brand ambassador. After all, companies need a lot of eyeballs on their products, and that they won’t get that if they partner with someone who features a couple hundred followers.

You’re also likely to be more successful if you've got a selected niche. consider the influencer accounts you follow. likelihood is that , you follow people that share your interests. Maybe they’re world travelers or vegan chefs. you would possibly follow a few fashion bloggers or makeup artists.

These are all very different interests, but the one thing they need in common is visual storytelling. Whether you’re cooking food, traveling the planet , or assembling trendy outfits, you'll take beautiful photos of the finished product.

I have discussed the rest in detail in my second post. You can read my second post from the link provided.

More About Instagram earning

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