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How are you my dear friends as we all know we can make money from any social networks or by selling our Products or  there are many other ways, such as affiliate marketing, Or we can make money by working with brands.

But we don't need to sell anything on the social network we're going to talk about today, nor will we do any affiliate marketing, we'll just post there and make money from it.

This is a website that will earn us according to the number of views you get on our post, In addition, our post will also earn by likes and comments. The website we are going to talk about today is called Mamby.

Mamby. Mamby may be a social network powered by AI that represents the new age of social networks meaning to eradicate inaccurate news. With the ever present spread of false information on most social media platforms, Mamby rewards users who post high-quality content.

Mamby may be a fresh platform that permits users to post their content including images, videos and text. The platform basically rewards users by paying them in Bitcoin counting on what percentage page views the post receives. The new sort of payment Mamby is offering is probably going to entice both crypto users and potential crypto users to become content creators on the platform. this is often because Bitcoin is that the most prominent name within the crypto space and since of the hype related to Bitcoin users will flood the social media platform. this is often particularly where Steemit got it wrong. Although Steemit is widely within the crypto space, that’s where it ends; adoption within the crypto space. Potential crypto users who would have wanted to earn in crypto would have likely got discouraged in registering on the platform after checking out they’d earn in STEEM, a coin they’re not conversant in .

We can do two types of posting on this platform,

1-Adult Content

2-safe content

The earning of safe content is large than adult content, we can earn 11 dollar per 1 thousands views on safe  post.

While you can earn up to 7$ dollar per 1 thousand views on adult content.

We can withdraw our earning in BTC wallet after reached minimum withdraw amount , Minimum withdraw amount is 10$.

You can signup by this link Below

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