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Thinking about the way to make money on Twitter? Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, you likely have a Twitter account to market your brand or business.

Since Twitter is one among the most important social media platforms with 126 million daily active users, there are plenty of individuals you'll introduce to your business. So, you tweet constantly and hope that just a few of these 126 million people see your tweets and check you out.

But, where’s the cash at?

In this article, we’ll allow you to in on some awesome ways to form money on Twitter. But before we show you ways to form money on Twitter, you would like to create your Twitter profile and your following first.

So, let’s take a glance at what you'll do to make an excellent Twitter profile and attract your audience .

 There are some steps for earn money on twitter

1)  Make a beautiful and well looking twitter profile?

Of course, if you would like to form money on Twitter, you would like a Twitter profile. Not just any Twitter profile though. so as to form money tweeting, your Twitter profile must be found out for fulfillment .

like this screenshot below

Now take a look in tastybites profile

It has a branded look with profile photo and Twitter Cover photo, an identical username and handle, a quick description of what tasty bites is/does, and a link to the web site .

Between these 2 Twitter profiles, which profile is about up to form money?

The Tasty Bites profile, of course!

So remember, when creating your Twitter profile make certain to include:

A profile photo of yourself or your company logo
A relevant username and Twitter handle (your name or company name)
An engaging bio
A link to your website or blog (if applicable)
A completed Twitter profile will help your followers get to understand you and build a trusting relationship with you or your brand.

Speaking of followers, let’s determine the way to get some.

Step 2 to creating Money on Twitter: Grow Your Following
With 0 followers on Twitter, your tweets won’t get much engagement, which hurts your chances of creating money on Twitter.

So, how does one get followers on Twitter?

Well, the simplest thanks to get more followers organically is just by being active on the platform.

Being active on Twitter simply means you would like to post regular content and interact with other users on Twitter by retweeting, liking, and commenting.

Make sure the content you share on Twitter has relevancy to your niche or your industry and use hashtags to widen your reach.

Making Money On Twitter

1) Use Sponsored Tweets

Want to form money only for sending out a tweet? you'll do this with sponsored tweets.

When you have a solid presence on Twitter with an outsized following of engaged fans, other companies will actually pay you to tweet about their products, services, or brand.

If you’re really popular on Twitter, you'll simply reach bent brands you're keen on and share the advantages of promoting their product to your audience with a paid tweet.

Alternatively, there are variety of online platforms which will assist you connect with companies looking to buy tweets.

2) PaidPerTweet

PaidPerTweet lets companies access many top Twitter users, both standard and celebrity users. Prices range from $1 to $10,000 counting on the influencer.

As you'll see, if you’re a private with a well-liked Twitter account, you'll make money tweeting. But also, companies can buy sponsored tweets from influencers to market their business to an entire new audience of individuals that want to shop for from you.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

2. Promote Affiliate Products on Twitter
Another way to monetize your Twitter account is by promoting affiliate products. When most of the people consider affiliate marketing, they consider bloggers promoting affiliate products on their websites.

But, you'll promote affiliate products on Twitter to form money too.

Affiliate marketing is just the method of promoting other people’s products. When someone buys that product via the link you shared, you create a commission.

One of the good things about affiliate marketing is that you simply can start as a newbie—you don’t got to have an enormous Twitter following to be accepted into affiliate marketing programs.

To find affiliate products you'll promote on Twitter, create an account on an affiliate marketing network like:





Don’t promote any affiliate product you encounter though. If you promote plenty of various products with none rhyme or reason, your Twitter profile won’t be focused and your audience won’t know what they’re getting from every day to subsequent .

3) Promote Your Own Products

If you sell your own products, an excellent thanks to make money on Twitter is by promoting them to your followers. Since your followers are already following you, they’re likely to have an interest within the products you offer.

If you’re wondering the way to promote a product on Twitter, it’s quite simple—just share a post.

A limited time sale will have your Twitter followers rushing to your website to snag that awesome deal before it’s too late.

By selling products on Twitter, you'll introduce your products to many internet buyers on Twitter, rather than reaching only your existing website visitors.

In fact, consistent with studies, Twitter users shopped online 6.9 times a month, while non-users shopped online just 4.3 times a month. Plus, Twitter users planned to spend 21.7% quite non-users during a 6 month period of time .

4) Earn revenue by generating traffic from twitter on your website

Even if your business doesn’t sell products, you'll still use Twitter to get traffic for your website or generate more leads for a service-based business.

Sharing your latest blog posts on Twitter will help more users discover your website, boost your website traffic, and grow your blogging career.

You can even be proactive about generating traffic and leads by checking out relevant threads and discussions on Twitter.

In the case of a service-based business sort of a dentist’s office, you'll search Twitter for keywords like “looking for dentists” or “dentists in [your city].” once you find tweets from folks that are trying to find dentists, begin a conversation.

Reply to their tweet by saying something like “Hey Sarah, I see that you’re trying to find dentists within the area…” and leave a link to your business website.

5) Twitter Ads

Another way to get more sales for your business is by creating Twitter Ads. Twitter Ads will help your business reach more people online—not just your current followers, but other users on Twitter too. The more folks that are conscious of your business, the more sales you'll make.

Twitter Ads are so effective because you’re ready to show your ad to only the proper people. you'll display your Twitter Ad to users supported their specific interests, demographics, and even their activity on Twitter.

By using targeted Twitter Ads, you'll promote your business to plenty of users that have an interest in just what you’re offering.

So, when a user sees your Twitter Ad in their feed and thinks “Wow, that’s just what I needed!”, they’ll be more likely to click on your Ad and make a sale .

9. Monetize Your Twitter profile

On YouTube, creators can monetize their channels, which lets them place ads in their videos and live streams. When a billboard is watched or clicked, the creator makes money from those advertisers.

And… you'll do this on Twitter, too!

A few years ago, Twitter unrolled the Twitter Media Studio, which lets content creators monetize their presence on Twitter.

Twitter Media Studio allows you to place in-stream video ads and in-stream video sponsorships right into your brand-safe Twitter video content in order that you'll earn money directly from the platform.

Other features of Twitter Media Studio include:

Producer – Broadcast professional live streams, promote and schedule live streams, and make instant highlights of your stream with LiveCut.
Library – Manage all of your videos, images, and GIFs in one place. you'll also add user roles and permissions across your team.
Analytics – Measure your performance on Twitter by viewing metrics of your tweets and earnings from monetized videos.
Voilà! Now you recognize the way to monetize Twitter and drive more sales for your business using one among the foremost popular social media platforms.

So, rather than just logging on to Twitter and sending out a couple of tweets in hopes of attracting customers, you now have an idea that's bound to usher in cold, hard cash.

Speaking of Twitter… make certain to follow OptinMonster on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for more marketing tips, tools, and guides. And, don’t forget to hitch OptinMonster today to make your own Follow Us on Twitter popup!

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