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If you have a passion for recording videos and you want to make money from it, then you have a problem monetizing the YouTube channel, you can use Daily Motion instead of YouTube,

Yes, of course here you do not need to monetize your daily motion channel. Create and upload video and start earning.

Daily Motion earns a little less than YouTube, but keep in mind that.  Better a poor horse than no horse at all.


Today I'm will converse with you that How we will procure cash with

Dailymotion videos. The good thing is, this text have 1 finish video instructional

exercises in Urdu/Hindi and therein video we'll offer you finish direction about the

Dailymotion Official and Publisher account by which we will profit effectively.

On dailymotion, numerous recordings are presented with in-stream notices—

advertisements that show up previously, amid, or after recordings (take in additional about

promotion groups). Empowering video adaptation enables you to partake within the income

these notices create when served on your recordings.

The more perspectives your recordings get, the more income you procure—so make a

point to share your recordings. What's more, you'll make far more by inserting your

recordings on their lonesome sites. to try to to this, you will have to verify your areas.

Essentially this webpage is usually a shiny new option of YouTube to profit online with the help of videos. And Dailymotion have their own particular recordings adaptation stage for the proprietors of the recordings .They have distributer program for his or her clients to profit online from videos. It is extremely a keen thing as everybody doesn't need to join independently on singular premise with a promoting stage (simply like AdSense) to adapt recordings.

The main drawback of the new for this adapting program is that, there don't is by all accounts excessively Advertisers utilizing this stage . Low number of Advertisers implies less profiting chances online for the substance makers and distributers.

Dailymotion Partner program:

Most likely, This program is for just the substance proprietors or substance makers to adapt recordings they need created. The interesting thing is that, They presents 70% of the income offer to their official program accomplices of His/her recordings.

So now we can learn how to create an account

First of all, we have to go to the website of Daily Motion, the link of which I am giving below

Signup DailyMotion

As soon as you open this link, you will be taken to the homepage of Daily Motion in front of which you will have the option to sign up in the top right corner. Just Click On it you can see in this screenshot below

As soon as you click on sign up, a form will open in front of you in which you have to enter all the required details and then click on Signup.
Then a confirmation code from Daily Motion will come to your email. You have to pick up the code and confirm it.
Your account will be created when you confirm
Then scroll down the Daily Motion homepage And click on the become a partner in the right side corner.

As you can see in this screenshot below

After creating a partner account, your work will start. All you have to do is upload videos.

And in terms of video views, your earning will start....

Thank You

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