How To Complete Youtube Watch Hours And Subscribers

Hello friends, in today's post I will tell you how we can complete 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers of our YouTube channel in just seven days.

By the way, YouTube says that if you complete your hours and 1000 scribes within a year, then your channel will be monitored by viewing your channel. There is a question in the hearts of many people here. If YouTube has said in one year, then our channel should not be deleted within seven days or our channel should not be monetized. Let me make it clear that there is no such thing. However, there is no such thing. Whenever you have four thousand hours and one thousand subscribers, your channel will be monetized, whether it is in a month or in seven days.

And the other important thing is that your channel is new and why it does not appear in the search?

Now I am going to explain to you a secret way to get your channel to come up in search, so what to do? All you have to do is go to your channel's advanced settings and type your channel keywords into the channel's word settings. And even within the channel description, write the name of your channel over and over again. I guarantee you that your channel will start searching within two to three days.

And be sure to look up your name inside your channel's keywords and tell your friends to search your name over and over again on YouTube so that your search is high and your channel starts to appear in the search.

And let's talk now. How to complete four thousand hours and one thousand subscribers of YouTube channel?

You guys need to make videos longer, and make better headlines. As soon as you have fifteen to twenty videos uploaded, you have to start giving views to yourself. The way to give views is to turn on another computer and download the Google Chrome browser.

If you already have a download, you need to open it. You need have to add person five times inside Chrome. I will explain below with a screenshot.

click on the profile top of your chrome browser see in this screenshot below

And scroll down this menu and find the add option below like this screenshot

After that enter the any name in name box and add it.

When you're done five times, you'll have five Chrome browsers. You have to open them all and download a vpn extension in every chrome, VPN Name Is SetupVPN extension.

 And when you download, you have to open the YouTube website in Chrome and search your video or your channel in the search box and play the video. After playing the video click on the video setting and low your video speed back and also click on the loop, now your video will auto playing again and again.

After an hour you need to change the all videos. The video has to be changed after every hour. Your channel will be completed within an hour within seven days and your videos will go viral due to the views on your videos, which will get your subscribers completed as soon as possible.



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