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Publish0x may be a crypto blogging platform, almost like Steemit or Medium. On this website you'll earn cryptocurrency by simply reading articles or by making your own content, lets take a deeper look on the way to make money using the platform.

 Make Money Using Publish0x

You don´t got to become an author, buy crypto or deposit any money to start out earning using Publish0x, you only got to read or just scroll to rock bottom of any article and use the tipper. Both you and therefore the author get some BAT or DAI, you'll choose the quantity you earn, from 0% to 80% of the tip. Tips are free, they're provided by the web site .

This means you'll use Publish0x sort of a faucet (its the simplest paying one, you'll be sure). you'll see your earnings by hovering your mouse over your name and clicking "Dashboard". you've got some limitations on the amount of tips you'll provides a day ( around 7 or 8 ) and you can´t also tip an equivalent article twice in but 24 hours.

This is an excellent thanks to earn crypto, but you'll get far more by becoming an author or an envoy .

Become a Publish0x Author

To become a Publish0x Author you would like to fill an application, its a really simple process and therefore the team was in no time giving me feedback. I didn't have any past writing experience and mine was accepted.

Authors earn money when users tip their articles, from my experience isn't very hard to urge a minimum of $1 per article, just write good and original content, build a following and shortly you'll get an honest amount of views and tips. Lets see a number of my stats:

Keep in mind that this was only my third published article, i might say that in average i make around $1 per article. If your number of followers grows over time i´m sure you'll get tons quite that. 

But you'll also get some passive income using Publish0x, all you would like to try to to is to become an envoy .

Ambassador Program

To become an envoy you simply got to get people to register on the web site by following your referral link, you'll get that link within the tab "Ambassador Program". you'll earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at rock bottom of each article. This includes both the tip to the author and therefore the amount claimed by your referral. you'll attach your Ambassador link to any article whether it's yours or not ( you'll attach it do that article if you want).

I´m only using Publish0x since February 2020 and that i already passively earn 20 Bats a month. there's also a contest monthly where you'll win up to $50, the winner is that the one that get more referral confirmations but there are other prizes ($5 , 10$, 20$) for other placements.


But do they pay? Is Publish0x legit?

Absolutely! Every Sunday i do my withdraw request and each Monday i buy the cash on my wallet. Just confirm to use a ERC20 compatible wallet, Metamask, Trust wallet, etc. The team recommends you to not use an exchange wallet, keep that in mind.

site Link     https://www.publish0x.com/


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