Why isn't my YouTube Channel Monetized?


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A very important question in the life of a YouTuber when he starts working on YouTube starts his journey on YouTube.

So it comes to his mind that whether his channel will be Monetize or not is a question that really bothers him a lot.

In today's post I will tell you the reasons why YouTube channel is not monetized that is, if those reasons are present on your channel, then your channel will not be monetized, and if those reasons are not present on your channel, then your channel will be monetized.

We will now discuss the reasons one by one

1) copyright

The channel on which the copyright strikes take place is not monetized, Yes, if there is a one copyright and it is about to expire or you delete it so that channel can be monetized. Also, those who work on a copyright basis never have a channel monetized.

2) Abuse Content

People who upload abuse content don't have their channel monetized, for example sexual content, adult content etc.

3) Repeated Content

The third and biggest problem is repeated content.
What is repeated content? This is content or video that you have uploaded again and again. 
For example, I have a 30 minute video and a 5 minute video. If I put a 5 minute video back into a 30 minute video, it will come in reuse content or repeated content. Or I made eight videos on the same topic and put the same title, Same description and the same keyword, Such content will come in the reuse content.
But if you are making videos on a topic, for example if you are making videos on a Facebook topic and you have to tell inside the title that this video is about Facebook settings, and the other video is Facebook profile related to.

4) Community Guideline

The fourth reason is to take special care of the community guideline.
For example, do not upload any blood-curdling videos, nor use reuse content.
Our channel can never be monetized if we do not follow the Community Guidelines.

The rest of you will upload your video anyway. Provided that the video is in your voice, the music in the background is copyright free, and your own video is made, any in this video
If a clip of another video is not uploaded, your video will never be copyrighted.

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