Earn money While Blogging without ads

 Hello friends, in today's post we will learn how to make money from blogging which is very easy. From day one you can start earning money on your blog.


Friends, the name of the website mentioned in today's post is uptrennd.Uptrennd is a social network on which we can do blogging and along with blogging we can update status like Facebook here. We can also chat with friends. Not only blogging but we can also upload our own photos here.
We can also do poetry on Uptrennd.Here we get the money for each of our activities. Like we waste a lot of time on Facebook every day but we don't get anything but if we do the same thing on uptrennd we can earn a lot of money in return.The trick to making money here is when we post something, whether it's a blog, a photo, or a status. After uploading the post, you will get as many likes on our post Coins equal to likes will be credited to your account.The name of this coin will be 1UP This Coin trading with the dollar is taking place in many crypto markets. where you can easily exchange this coin into your local currency.

How To make a uptrennd Account?
just click on this link below and signup with your gmail and enjoy this new platform


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