How to create an edu email free lateast 2020

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In today's post I will teach you how to create a student email. I mean EDU mail
EDU mail best for us as many websites have some free services for students, such as web hosting, domain, and many other services we can get absolutely free as student.
So let's get started
First of all let me tell you that we need two websites to create a student email.
No. Email adress
No. 2 fake Name Generator
I am giving below the link to both websites
And thirdly we need a VPN from which we can change our IP and for that we have some extensions inside the google chrome which we can install and use for ip change.
So the browsec VPN which I think is the best thing to change location 
Here is a link to this extension

So first of all we have to open Google Chrome and start VPN extension, As you can see in the screenshot below

After changing the IP we will open a website called City College of Chicago 
Once this website is open, you have to apply as a student by click on apply button as you can see in the screenshot below

So when you click Apply, a new tab will open in front of you, Which will be an admission application look like this

And now you need your email address for verification just put your mail address here and confirm your mail address and send code, after few minutes you will receive a sms from city college of chicago with confirmation code and then enter the code and submit then you will see a page like this
After select this option (Pursue a two-year associate degree or certificate from CCC or earn college credits to transfer to a four-year institution.) an application form will open front of you, Then open the fakenamegenretor site which i have mention and fill this complete for form with the fake details everything you can put from fakenamegenretor.
After fill this form will show like this, look as this screenshot below.
And now click on submit application , Ok so you have successfully applied to city college of chicago and now you will receive an email with edu email login detail after an hours.
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